Tailored visits throughout the day while you're away.

This is our most popular choice among our clients. This visit is for those pets whose owner’s are gone during the day. They get a 30 min. walk to get some exercise and do their business. Water is freshened and treats are given on the way out.


This particular visit is for the less active or geriatric dog that just needs a little “relief break” 1 or 2 times during the day. Water is freshened, treats are given.

$15.00 (Aliso Viejo Residents Only)

These are 30 min. visits that are for the pet whose owner's are out of town or away overnight. In home quality care for your pet, rather than the alternative. In home petsitting allows you the peace of mind that your pet is safe and secure in the comfort of their own home, without worry of anxiety or possible contracting of illness from a strange environment.

This service is for a dog OR cat. These visits consist of:

  • Feeding/Water/Treats
  • Walking/Playtime for Kitties
  • Yard Pick-Up/Litter Box Cleaned
  • Medications Administered
  • Mail/Newspaper Retrieval
  • Trash To & From Curb
  • Plant/Yard Watering
  • Lights On/Off

$20.00 For 30 Min. Visit