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We have been using Debbie Fabbro for years. We have three dogs; a puppy, a five year old and one that is fourteen years old. She is able to take care of all of their needs and the dogs absolutely love her. She is very professional and very reliable. We have left the dogs for almost two weeks and know that the dogs are in good hands. When we get home and say hello to the dogs they seem very happy. My backyard is always well taken care of and the mail is brought in as well as the trash cans. We feel at ease about leaving Debbie with our dogs, she truly does a fantastic job.


When we brought home our first family dog two years ago, we realized travel out of town or being away from the house for too many hours at a time would be impossible without help. With no family living nearby and plenty of neighbors but with equally busy schedules, we needed to find a reliable pet sitting service. Bob, our next door neighbor, praised Debbie - she would visit their home Monday through Friday to take their two dogs to the park while he and his wife worked. Not long after his referral, Debbie became like another family member in our house whenever we needed coverage, whether for one visit, a weekend of visits or even a full week's worth! She woudl also take care of our nine-year-old cat, bring in the mail and newspaper and water the indoor and outdoor plants for us if we were gone longer than a few days. Thanks to Debbie, we can breathe easy because Sula, Snowy and the house is under her watchful eye and care. She is wonderful!


It was good luck that we have worked with Debbie Fabbro's husband Kirk, because he informed us of her pet care service. Three years ago, I adopted a cat and with both of our travel schedules we knew that we needed help for our boy. Debbie came to meet Beasley and get familiar with the surroundings and I have never been disappointed with the level of service by Debbie. Beasley is so well adjusted and happy when we get back that I know that Debbie helps alleviate the stress for our pet while we are away. Debbie also takes care of the other incidentals, picking up our mail, trashcans, etc. It is good feelings to have Debbie take care of Beasley and our home while we are away.

Heather Daly